Category: Products for communication technologies and system integration

System integration of communication technologies is a major concern of DCom, spol. s.r.o. We develop and produce devices that enable the integration of traditional communication technologies into modern IP systems.

Remotely controlled power supply source DC1500

48 V 1 500 W power supply source has been designed for the power supply of telecommunication systems . It allows connection of the external lead backup batteries, their charging and automatic disconnection in case of discharge (function of the Uninterruptible Power Supply System – UPS). In addition it allows switching of individual outputs, measuring …

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MB multiline set SMZIP

MB multiline set SMZip has been designed for replacement of current multiline subscribers during transition to the remote control. It is designed to connect of up to 32 MB lines and their transfer to VoIP technology (voice transmission by IP protocol in the Ethernet network). In addition it allows coupling of up to five AUT …

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Universal supervisory system

The universal supervisory system (UDZ) has been designed for monitoring of operating conditions in telecommunication technologies and their remote checking. It enables measuring of temperature at several places inside telecommunication switchboards (1–3 external sensors, 1 internal sensor in UDZ), monitoring of a state in 16 logic inputs with adjustable sensitivity to 5 V, 12 V, …

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