Category: Products for communication technologies and system integration

System integration of communication technologies is a major concern of DCom, spol. s.r.o. We develop and produce devices that enable the integration of traditional communication technologies into modern IP systems.


The operation panel integrates control computer and 17“ LCD VDU  into one unit. Dispatching touch workplace stands out with a passive (fan-free, noiseless) cooling , sufficient computing power for running applications, and fully integrated voice accessory. Intuitive dispatching application makes it easy to control the integrated RadioVoice communication system. The RadioVoice dispatcher system allows remotely control base station …

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IP remotely controlled public address system

The public address system has been designed as a replacement of the existing RU-6 public address systems and of other similar equipment during the transition to the remote control system. It includes a high-power low frequency amplifier 300 W 100 V, control circuits for supervision, VoIP circuits for the input of low frequency signal in …

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RadioVoice 3 block of remote controlled radios

The block of remote controlled radios is a part of the Radiovoice3 System allowing remote control of radio-base stations in the TCP/IP environment. It includes one or two radio stations, power supply source, control circuits and VoIP converters. The configuration is carried out on internal websites or remotely by SNMP protocol. Radios parameters can also be …

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GSM-R gateway for connecting the integrated dispatcher system Radiovoice 3

GSM-R gateway is a separate equipment enabling communication between GSM-R network and Radiovoice 3 communication system on the level of interconnection with the GSM-R infrastructure system. It meets fully EIRENE (European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network) requirements – it provides routing of the voice and state services. The main advantages of GSM-R Gateway for connecting …

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VoIP telephone exchange

VoIP PBX is the IP branch exchange suitable for systems with 60–120 subscribers and for simultaneous operation of up to 30 calls allowing optional adding of up to 4 FXS-FXO ports or ISDN2 or ISDN30 ports for communication with the existing analogue technologies. It enables digital recording of all or of selected calls to the …

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