DCom became a member of the DMR Association

The DMR standard is today the world’s most widely used digital standard for professional radio networks. The big advantages of the DMR standard include backward compatibility with analog systems and the possibility of gradually replacing analogue radio networks with digital ones. Devices manufactured to the standard are interoperable. For users, this means that they can use products from different manufacturers that work together within their communications network. The standard gives users the confidence to invest in technology that will continue to evolve and provide its users with a wide range of products and services from various manufacturers at an affordable price.

What is the goal of the DMR Association

The DMR Association now associates more than 160 members from around the world. Its members are manufacturers, system integrators, network operators and user organizations. The Association ensures the further development of the DMR technology and feature set based on user requirements, interoperability testing and certification, providing standard education and consulting to regulatory authorities to ensure a suitable environment.

DCom develops dispatching applications and solves system integration

DCom has become a Category 2 member dedicated to application developers, system integrators, and test equipment manufacturers. Development of professional dispatching systems and system integration are an important part of our company activities. In the near future, we want to offer our customers a dispatching solution supporting connection to the DMR radio network infrastructure using the standard AIS interface.

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