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What are we doing

Our company provides comprehensive communication services with a focus on professional radio communication systems and solutions. In this connection we provide all services from design, through specialized development, system integration, production, installation and long-term service of delivered systems. Our parent company is AŽD Praha, s.r.o. the largest Czech manufacturer of signaling equipment for railways and an important market for our products and services is railway. In the field of trade, we are a partner of several major foreign companies, the most important of which is Hytera, which is the world’s second largest manufacturer of professional communication technology.

From the history of the company

Our company DCom, spol. s ro was founded in 1994. The main idea of ​​the founders was to develop interesting products in the field of wireless digital communications, voice and data transmission and remote control.

The company’s first products included the MC12 and MC13 radio telemetry units, which enable remote control of technologies via independent professional radio networks. Thanks to their technical sophistication, the units quickly found use in the management of large energy and water distribution networks.

Based on these, we have also developed our own comprehensive solutions, such as the early flood warning system for the region Klodzko region.

Thanks to the technical know-how of our employees, the company has won interesting contracts in the field of custom development of radio frequency and microwave technology. In our company microwave amplifiers were developed for the needs of the military, aviation. Based on the requirements of our customers we develop special measuring technology and cooperate with laboratories and research institutes.

In addition to data transmissions, our company has always implemented voice radio networks. Our honored customers have been and are since the establishment of our company, for example, fire brigades. After 2000, our company was looking for solutions to modern use of the outdated technology of traditional voice radio networks. At that time, we developed a unique RadioVoice dispatching solution using voice transmission technology over VoIP radio networks in the area of ​​voice radio networks. With this solution, it is possible to manage large-scale voice radio networks from dispatching sites located anywhere in the world. Further developments have resulted in a comprehensive solution that allows dispatchers at a single TOP touch-control workstation to combine various means of communication, including telephones, radios, various radio networks and specialized communication systems. The solution also includes means for recording all communication and automated remote supervision of individual system components. RadioVoice allows interfacing with third-party systems. Our technology has reached its biggest deployment on the railway.

Our traditional manufacturing product, which is closely related to wireless communications, are antennas and passive antenna elements. In this area we have a wide portfolio of our own quality antennas that work reliably even in demanding environments. At the same time, we are able to design a customized antenna system to meet the specific requirements of its project.

 In 2006 we started cooperation with Hyt, which now bears the name Hytera. Hytera is the world’s second largest and fastest growing professional communications technology manufacturer. It offers end-to-end terminals, radio network infrastructure and comprehensive solutions for all major communication standards in the world, including DMR, TETRA and LTE technologies. Since 2006, DCom has been a distributor of the Hytera brand for the Czech and Slovak Republics and we also provide service and technical support.

In 2008, AŽD Praha, s.r.o., which is the majority owner of our company, entered our company. AŽD Praha is the largest manufacturer of railway signaling technology in the Czech Republic. DCom is a key partner in the area of ​​communication technology for AŽD. Based on its requirements we are constantly developing our products.

Our goal is customer satisfaction

DCom constantly strives for high quality of its products and services. An integrated management system plays an important role in our efforts. Our company has implemented a certified management system according to ISO 9001: 2016, as well as an environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2016 and a system of occupational health management ISO 18001: 2008.

Our company prides itself on its reputation and strives to be a reliable partner for its suppliers and, above all, its customers. The performance of our company is regularly reviewed by an independent auditor and his reports are published. Our efforts have also been recognized for several consecutive years by receiving the prestigious international AAA rating.

We take great care of our employees, who are targeted and regularly trained to develop their skills. In addition, our company provides a range of benefits to our employees.

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