The operation panel integrates control computer and 17“ LCD VDU  into one unit. Dispatching touch workplace stands out with a passive (fan-free, noiseless) cooling , sufficient computing power for running applications, and fully integrated voice accessory. Intuitive dispatching application makes it easy to control the integrated RadioVoice communication system. The RadioVoice dispatcher system allows remotely control base station radios, phones,  multi-line phone systems , GSM-R infrastructure, public address systems,  etc. For the voice communication it is equipped with a powerful speaker optimised for the operation with radios as well as with a desktop microphone and with a telephone handset for telephone operation

The main advantages of using the touch dispatch center TOP

  • Control worplace of integrated dispatcher 
  • Fan-free compact version without need for additional external equipment
  • Robust design resistant to water splash
  • The user-friendly environment can be tailored to the needs of the customer and the needs of individual dispatchers
  • The display can be tilted


Basic technical description

Telecommunication operation panel is built in the black steel case equipped with a ribbed radiator for passive cooling of the entire equipment on the backside. LCD. 17“ VDU with 1280 × 1024 resolution
and the touch control surface are separated by glass plate significantly reducing the possibility of VDU damaging during operation. Passive cooling is noiseless and meets requirements for use in rooms with control workplaces. A massive stand with possibility of setting the VDU angle guarantees its stable setting during the operation.

Integration of components into one case

Integration of all necessary components into a single case ensures high reliability of the system and its simple installation without interconnecting cables and other additional equipment. Choice of Windows or Linux operating systems to run the client application extends the field of utilisation of the panel to other applications beyond the RadioVoice System.

Control radios, telephones, multi-lines and GSM-R networks in one device

Control of radios, telephones, MB telephones, public address systems and GSM-R networks integrated into one workplace allows using of a unified, coherent system with the possibility of sharing and transfer of calls between users. Easy modifiability of the used graphic environment, along with the possibility of creating user and operating settings simplifies the transfer of configuration between control workplaces, thereby increasing the substitutability in case of equipment failures or emergency situations requiring simultaneous access and cooperation by multiple users

Control of dispatcher’s workplace

Communication via radio is carried out primarily with the desktop microphone and the external speaker with frequency characteristics adjusted to the radio stations voice transmission . Keying (PTT) is possible both by the button on the desktop microphone and also on the display. The speaker set (telephone handset) located alongside the display allows a simple phone communication without a need to use another telephone handset.

Basic technical parameters

Dimensions height 34 cm, width 49 cm,
depth 27 cm (including speaker and the speaker set)
Display 17“ XGA TFT LCD, rozlišení 1 280 × 1024 bodů a dotykovým ovládáním
Placement Intended for placing on desktop, surrounding equipment must
not restrain free access of the air to the backside cooler of
the display
Weight 8,5kg
Working temperature range 0 až 45 °C
Storing temperature range –20 až 60 °C
Cover IP20
Humidity 20 až 80 %, non-condensing
Rated input voltage 230 V ±10 %, 50 Hz, příkon max. 100 VA
RS232  4x
LPT 1x
USB 2.0 2x
LAN (ethernet) 2x RJ45
Operating system and applications areoperated from internal hard disc

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