MB multiline set SMZIP

MB multiline set SMZip has been designed for replacement of current multiline subscribers during transition to the remote control. It is designed to connect of up to 32 MB lines and their transfer to VoIP technology (voice transmission by IP protocol in the Ethernet network). In addition it allows coupling of up to five AUT telephones and their transfer into VoIP and connecting the local analogue recording for local communication recording on MB lines. In order to test the system without the presence of functional transmission system, an analogue phone is available for the function test during putting the system into operation. Detection of the current state of control and configuration is possible via Ethernet interface with web browser. Current operating conditions and information from the inner auto-diagnostics can be transferred to superior surveillance system using SNMP and SYSLOG protocol by recording the operating history. The internal real time clock can be synchronized using NTP protocol.

The main advantages of  MB multiline set SMZIP

  • Technical equipment designed for transfer of MB lines to VoIP environment
  • Allows connecting of up to 32 MB lines,or mutual interconnection of 2 lines into the form of the transit pair (line telephone)
  • Enables user friendly configuration and remote control over www interface, in addition the remote control and supervision by standard protocols (HTML, SNMP, NTP, SYSLOG)pomocí standardních protokolů (HTML, SNMP, NTP, SYSLOG)
  • Allows optionally to connect up to 5 AUT phones
  • Allows local analogue recording of the operation

Basic technical description

MB multiline set is built in the cabinet designed for installation into 19“ rack, height of 2U and depth of 35 cm. Weight is 6 kg.

Front panel

On the front panel are located two Ethernet connectors (one for connecting to the system, the second for the service technician), the LED indicator showing the current state of MB lines, the MB multi line subscriber set and the alphanumeric LCD display showing details of the current state. Furthermore, the front panel includes connectors for analogue recording, service headphone and auxiliary service AUT lines.

Rear panel

On the rear panel is located the EURO plug for 230 V power connection, connector for optional connection of 48 V DC power supply and connectors to connect MB lines. Here the RJ45 connectors – each for 4 MB lines are used. For connecting the multiline set to MB lines (it is assumed to use a short cable fitted on one side with RJ45 connector and on the other side cut into the LSA distribution bars) it is necessary that they are always fitted with isolation transformers and lighting arresters on each MB line. The power supply of the Multiline Set is optional 230 V AC or 48 V DC.

Basic technical parameters


Dimensions 19“ module, height 2U and depth 35 cm (without connectors), width
(without handles) 43 cm, depth 35 cm, height 9 cm
MB Multiline subscriber has been designed for installation into 19“ rack of the distributor
Weight 6 kg
Cover IP20
Working temperature range 0 to 45 °C
Storing temperature range –20 to 60 °C
Humidity 20 to 80 % non-condensing
Input voltage rated (version 230 V AC): 230 V ±10 % 50Hz
Input current maximum (version 230 V AC): 2 A
Input voltage rated (version 48 V DC): 36 V up to 72 V DC
Input current maximum (version 48 V DC): 4 A
Connecting connectors
LAN (ethernet)  2× RJ45
230 V intake EURO plug (version 230 V AC)
48 V intake two-pole connector (version 48 V DC)
MB llines RJ45 plug – 1pc for each 4 lines
AUT lines and analogue recording RJ11 plugs


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