GSM-R gateway for connecting the integrated dispatcher system Radiovoice 3

GSM-R gateway is a separate equipment enabling communication between GSM-R network and Radiovoice 3 communication system on the level of interconnection with the GSM-R infrastructure system. It meets fully EIRENE (European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network) requirements – it provides routing of the voice and state services.

The main advantages of GSM-R

  • Gateway for connecting the integrated dispatcher system Radiovoice 3 into GSM-R network
  • Fully compliant with EIRENE specifications
  • Optional of power supply: either 230 V AC or 48 V DC


Basic technical description

The gateway is built-in in the case designed for installation to 19“ rack, of height 1,5 U and depth 30 cm (without connectors), the gateway weight is 3 kg. It can be power supplied from the 230 V 50 Hz network or 48 V DC. Its cooling is active – by ventilators.

GSM-R gateway functionality and redundancy

It is supposed that in each separate GSM-R system (e.g. railway mainline corridor) the gateway will be installed in the location allowing direct connection between the GSM-R infrastructure and the gateway on the level of PRI interface. Subsequent interconnection between the gateway and the Radiovoice system is realized through Ethernet. Such an approach to the GSM-R gateway installation reduces requirements for data connections between individual GSM-R systems, compared to a solution with one centralized gateway. In addition it allows for the traffic distribution between gateways and ensures their redundancy.

GSMR-R gateway capacity

The gateway allows up to 30 simultaneous calls to the GSM-R network, also allows recording of ongoing communications.

Basic technical parameters

Dimensions 19“module, height 1,5U and depth 30 cm (without connectors), width
(without handles) 43 cm, depth 30 cm, height 6,5 cm
GSM-R GATEWAY is designed for installation into 19“ distributor (rack),
vent holes on the rear and side panels must not be covered
Weight 3kg
Cover IP20
Working temperature range 0 až 45 °C
Storage temperature range –20 až 60 °C
Humidity 20 až 90 %, nekondenzující
Rated power supply 230 V ±10 % 50Hz or optionally 48 V DC, power input max. 100 VA
LAN (ethernet) – 2× RJ45
230 V intake EURO plug
48 V  intake optional
USB2.0  2x
RS232 RJ45 – serial console for administration
PRI RJ45 – for connecting into GSM-R system


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